The Men from Manhole

Hurtling at you from the dim and
distant past are three fifths of the 90’s
weirdo Cork band Manhole… who
have partially reformed to reassemble
the fragments of their old repertoire
from memory… and to play them on
the soundtrack of the upcoming
animated movie Manhole… which is
set in the mental netherworld where
those songs initially came from.
In the movie the lost souls who inhabit
that place plan to ressurect the songs
of their long defunct band Manhole,
escape back to the real world and
perform them under the moniker The
Men From Manhole.
And in the real world, those three fifths;
Gus, Paul and Stephen will be playing a
selection of these songs live, also under
the moniker The Men From Manhole.
Make of that what you will…
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